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Our Mission

Tribe is an international community of men dedicated to purpose, freedom, and love.

We utilize a mixture of ancient wisdom and modern science to face our challenges and accelerate development in each of these three areas of life.

We train each other to be what we could never be alone.


   This initiative is for you if...

  • You're ready to get clear on who you must become and what you must accomplish before you die

  • You know you will benefit from ongoing support and accountability in the pursuit your life’s purpose

  • You wish to incorporate a new caliber of tools, principles, and practices into daily life to help fulfill that purpose

Our team


Tribe Leader, Founder of Yoga of Intimacy and Relationship Consultant

International intimacy teacher and founder of the Yoga of Intimacy, Justin Patrick Pierce offers workshops and private trainings for men and women around the world to help them overcome challenges in relationship, master the embodiments of sexual polarity, and pursue a life of spiritual depth alongside their chosen partner. He and his wife, Londin Angel Winters, are co-teachers and co-authors of the Amazon bestselling book, The Awakened Woman's Guide to Everlasting Love.


“If you have an opportunity to learn from this unique man, jump on it. It will alter the direction of your life.”

- John Wineland, Men's Coach & Intimacy Teacher

"The work that I've done with Justin has transformed and improved me beyond recognition." 

- Dr. David Bach, Founder of Platypus Institute

"The transformation in my body from working with Justin, even after a few months, was astonishing." 

- Christopher Sunyata, Masculine Depth Coach


Tribe Leader, Holistic Health & Mindfulness Instructor

Michael is a guide in vitality and consciousness to some of the most elite performers in the world. His extensive background in meditation, martial arts, western psychology, health and wellness, and exercise science combine to form a unique mind-body pedagogy that is trusted by executives, founders, athletes, artists, and entertainers committed to excellence in all areas of their lives. He resides in Venice, California, where he devotes his time outside of his private practice and group facilitation to meditation, martial arts and wellness study, writing, and shamanic training.


"It’s impossible to measure the profound impact Michael has on my life.  He’s helped me slay dragons in my mind and find peace. I am forever grateful." 

- Amit Kapur, Entrepreneur

"An attempt to put into words how much Michael Holt has helped literally every aspect of my life would be a disservice to his work. Working with Michael has irreversibly changed me, full stop." 

- Augustus Schiff, Screenwriter

"Working with Michael is cathartic at first and then continually more rewarding over time. It is a shock to the system at first, a shock I didn't know I needed. I can whole heartedly say he has changed who I am for the better." 

- Abe Mitchell, Actor


Dave Burns

Tribe Leader, Executive Coach & Conscious Business Advisor

An active angel investor, advisor, writer and coach, Dave Burns supports leaders internationally in the pursuit of self-actualization. With a special focus on the realm of business, his work seeks to bring the best of both Eastern and Western wisdom traditions fully into the modern world. He lives in Central America with his wife, where he dedicates his mornings and evenings to the study of nature, books, and the art of marriage.


“I have done an incredible amount of work with some of the best coaches, teachers, and mentors. My work with Dave has eclipsed them all. I have never worked with anyone with such grounding insight and integrity.”

- Wally Hines, CEO at basically

"I had worked with other world-class coaches before, but not one compares to Dave in the depth of his incisiveness, insightfulness or emotional intelligence. I can not recommend him wholeheartedly enough.”

- Jaimie Crooks, Founder at Definitely Definitely 

“Dave Burns is the alchemist we all need on our side. I really believe that anything you can imagine, he can help make happen. He has inspired me far beyond what I could've ever done myself.”

- Jonathan Maxim, Managing Director at K&J Growth

Jackson Hardin

Tribe Captain, Men's Coach

For over a decade Jackson has dedicated his life to the study and practice of several modalities of personal growth and self-development work. Today, he applies to his practice only that which has proven most effective and efficient, emphasizing practicality over theory in his approach. He is a battle-tested martial artist, and has competed in various forms both state-side and abroad. Through a discipline of daily practices, Jackson supports men in the development of true strength, will and perseverance.



"I would recommend Jackson to anyone who wants to stop wasting their time, and start living the meaningful life that awaits them." 

- Daniel Sanchez, USCIS Officer

“Jackson provided me with the tools I needed to create and maintain structure in my life, which ultimately helped me achieve many short and long term goals.” 

- Aaron, Psychologist

“I would highly recommend Jackson to anyone looking for direction and structure.” 

- Kyle Solis, Student

Mikaal Bates

Tribe Captain, Transformational Coach

Mikaal’s mission is the evolution of Men across the Planet in our lifetime. His method hinges upon the union of opposites: strength + sensitivity, power + presence, humor + depth, kindness + Killer-instinct. As a Coach, Men’s Work leader, Rite of Passage Facilitator, and Curator of Ecstatic Experience, Mikaal challenges the brave to do whatever it takes to transform from what they were told to do into what they were born to be. He is a stage actor, 5Rhythms dancer, poet, pianist, and all-around athlete, blessed to travel the world with his partner, Touch, leading workshops & coaching A+ humans


"I truly had one of the most beautiful and transformative healing and growth experiences of my life in my time working with Mikaal and am a completely different person from when we began working together."

- Marlee Dater

"Our training program taught me to create my reality with a unique visualization component that Mikaal uses to turn ordinary training into personal rituals for disciplined success and courage."

- Justin Lange, Entrepreneur

"In developing my masculine energy and Presence, I have found it easier to stand firm when facing challenges in life, and my woman spoke to a deeper sense of TRUST in me than she had ever felt before."

- Andy Radzevicius, Software Designer

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