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A few months back I wrote an article declaring liver to be “The King of all Brick Food.”

If you missed it, there are two critical glossary terms you’ll need to understand in order to keep up with the prevalent theme of this essay:

  1. Brick Food – naturally occurring, nutrient dense, organic sustenance that makes you virile, smart, strong, happy, and healthy. Committing to a strictly whole foods diet is “Walking the Brick Road.”

  2. Rat – processed, sugar laden, inflammatory, highly addictive, and chemically preserved food products that comprise the overwhelming majority of the standard American Diet and drive the real pandemics of obesity, heart disease, dysbiosis, mood disorders, metabolic dysfunction, and critically low levels of testosterone. Firmly avoiding toxic food products is “Eradicating Rat Bullshit.”

Many years ago, my rigorous and highly classified scientific studies (read: eating pizza and Reese’s pieces while wallowing in depressed isolation) confirmed time and time again that eating Rat makes a man feel dumb, weak, fat, sad, soft, sleepy and generally ineffective.

Most importantly - a Rat based diet will transform a man into a coward by absolutely tanking his ability to produce testosterone - the hormone of the Gods.

Longitudinal studies continue to show severe drops in modern male testosterone levels as compared to previous generations. One study recently found that the average 22 year old today has approximately the same testosterone levels as the average 67 year old had just 20 years ago. Read the last sentence again, because it’s ALARMING.

Low testosterone is a driving force in the increasing societal level of male depression, as well as a critical contributor in the historically low rates of youth sexual activity, marriage, and child birth. While it’s true that a socially accepted rat diet is not the only cause of these current societal trends and plummeting levels of testosterone, it is no doubt a very key contributing factor.

Ambition, sex, marriage, and family are among the foundational building blocks of a society.

A society is a collection of individuals. When the majority of the individuals comprising a society are sick and weak, the society is vulnerable to internal and external threat.

As testosterone crashes, so too does society.

Unless resolute individuals like you (yes YOU) summon the inner strength to draw some hard non-negotiable lines in the sand with regard to your chosen lifestyle and the quality of food you permit entry into the sacred domain of your household, these alarming trends will continue and take the modern western man toward his bleak and weak future.

If you are a man committed to embodying your fullest potential and actualizing the strength you are capable of, one of the most profound and transformative individual responsibilities you could undertake is the firm resolution to walk the Brick Road and eradicate all Rat bullshit from your domain.

Granted, that’s not an easy or necessarily convenient thing to do given the pitiful dietary trends of our era. But if you want better than average health for yourself in a society where physical and mental sickness is the norm, you must be willing to revolt against majority trends and become an outlier. The revolutionary act of our time is dedication to the consistent daily cultivation of health and vitality.

Getting started and setting firm boundaries is the hardest part. It’s challenging to walk the brick road when rat temptations are literally everywhere you look. Here’s a subtle practice you could implement to aid in your transition from Rat life to Brick life:

The next time you’re at a social function and someone offers you a soda or Doritos or some other rat bullshit, just look them square in the eye and calmly, but firmly declare, “I don’t eat rat.”

Then, maintaining unbroken eye contact with them, pull a chunk of raw liver from your pocket.

Eat it, never looking away from their eyes. (This is critical.)

Word will get around and people will know not to offer you any rat bullshit. The most important thing is to attend all social gatherings with a preemptive chunk of raw liver in your pocket.

Anyway, this essay is supposed to be about broth. As previously stated in the aforementioned article, when it comes to brick food - liver is King. But we all know that a king without his queen is no king at all.


BROTH: The Queen of All Brick Food


“Good broth will resurrect the dead.”

—South American Proverb

Broth is an ancestral superfood that our descendants regarded as medicine. In fact, in the ancestral paradigm, the innate connection between the respective concepts of food and medicine was so obviously self-evident that it was unquestionable. All medicine was also food.

But today, for most people, food and medicine imply two totally different conceptual categories; food is a delivery mechanism for calories and medicine is prescription pharmaceutical pills, chemical liquids, and lab created topical ointments.

The modern tendency to cognitively divorce the concept of food from the concept of medicine, is principal among the reasons why a 60 year old from the 1980s could tear a 20 year old of today limb from limb. We are rapidly eating our way into becoming a society of easily manipulated skinny fat men who can’t fuck without popping a few dick pills.

Forgive me if I sound crass.

I could, in my efforts to get you excited about this broth recipe, just list a few of its innumerable physiological health benefits. But I don’t think you’d care. And I get it, that’s understandable.

But, nonetheless, here are some of the amazing benefits of broth (for you to quickly skim through while your eyes glaze over like mine did when I Googled “broth benefits”)

  • Excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids

  • Improves digestion and elimination by lubricating/sealing the bowel to allow for the removal of intestinal debris

  • Decreases systemic inflammation by repairing gut lining

  • High levels of collagen and glucosamine support joint health, healthy hair, and skin radiance

  • Nutritious healthy fat content triggers satiety response, eliminating the mindless snacking that leads to weight gain

  • Strengthens bones, teeth, and immune system

  • Blah blah blah I bet you’re not even reading this

  • Who the fuck cares, right?

While the information above is useful and moderately interesting, it’s nothing ground breaking. At an intuitive level we already know this stuff. Brick food is good for you, rat isn’t. There is no shortage of information that proves this fact.

But, even knowing this information, you don’t have time to make broth! You’re a busy man! And those Doritos do look tasty.

Information alone doesn’t seem to be enough to facilitate lasting changes in our diet. There seems to be a missing link in the equation that prevents our unwavering commitment to walking the Brick Road…

(Drum roll please)

Boners. Boners are the missing link.

In my personal and professional experience, the real internal shift for a man occurs when he makes the critical link between the quality of his food and the quality of his boners (or put in more socially acceptable parlance, his lust for life and capacity to move toward meaning.)

Sexual virility and the relentless drive to overcome challenge – capacities principally driven by testosterone - are the first on the hormonal chopping block as vitality begins to decline. If a man’s diet and lifestyle are providing just enough energy to get him through his day without collapsing, the intelligence of his body will maintain that low baseline of vital energy by eliminating any energetic expenditures that are not absolutely essential for his immediate survival. The sexual desires and functions that have evolved to create another human life through him, manifest by his innate primal desire to penetrate, claim, overcome, and seek meaning through purpose, are the first to go.

When a man realizes through direct experience that a diet comprised solely of brick foods, like broth, will inevitably increase his sexual drive and function, his capacity to think critically, and his efficacy in moving toward and claiming what he finds meaningful, suddenly spending two hours a week procuring and preparing the ingredients for a good homemade broth sounds like a pretty intelligent investment of time and energy.

When the lightbulb goes on, and he clearly understands that Rat will inevitably and absolutely decrease his libido, compromise his ability to function sexually, decrease his felt sense of vitality, and act as a detriment to his capacity to identify and persevere toward anything even remotely meaningful to him, suddenly those rat ass Doritos don’t seem so appealing.

A strong virile man walking the Brick Road with healthy testosterone levels is VERY difficult to manipulate and control. A group of such men is near impossible manipulate and control. You can earn their trust and loyalty of such a group, you can lead them, but you definitely cannot manipulate or control them.

If I was an evil genius hell bent on weakening the will of a group of men so they’d be easier to manipulate into following my agenda at the expense of their own interests, my first order of business would damn sure be to take devious measures to crash their T.

I might even put a few mad scientists on the payroll and have them create some plastic plant based chemical soy sticks (that a dog would turn its nose to) and then market this rejected dog kibble as a healthy replacement for good ol’ fashioned, pasture raised, grass-fed, organic ruminant animals. I’d probably tell them they should avoid healthy fats like butter and beef tallow and load ‘em up on Mountain Dew!

After a while, they’d all have soft bodies, limp dicks, shallow breath, weak ambition, and foggy brains. Men like that are very easy to keep in line. While they might realize they are wasting their precious time on meaningless toil that lines my pockets, they’d lack the ambition and tenacity to do anything about it.

You can castrate a man without a scalpel if you can sell him on a steady diet of straight Rat bullshit. But of course, that would never work…


I was on a traditional silent Buddhist meditation retreat a few years ago. On this particular retreat, I decided to run a little experiment and bring my own food.

I brought a fourteen day ration that consisted of only two items: broth and liver.

Every day I had broth for breakfast, broth for lunch, and broth for dinner. Every other day I had three tablespoons of liver along with my evening broth.

By the thirteenth evening I had so much energy pumping through my body that I did not sleep a wink. I just laid in bed the entire night with my eyes wide open. I could feel the chi humming through my system. My body mind was in a highly altered state of one pointed concentration. I was experiencing a primal level of alertness and palpable somatic receptivity. I have to imagine that at one point in the long history of human evolution, this state was our baseline.

In the morning of the fourteenth day, we closed the retreat and I drove home. Despite the fact I didn’t sleep at all the night before and hadn’t eaten a solid meal in two weeks, I had so much energy pulsating in my veins that I went straight to the gym and crushed one of the most intense heavy bag workouts of my life.

I’m not telling you this so you eat only broth and liver for two weeks. (But you might want to try it.)

The crucial point to take from this anecdote is that when you choose what you put in your mouth you are choosing the amount of life force energy, virility, and sense of purpose you want access to.

You can choose to walk the Brick Road and literally EAT your way into vitality, clarity, will power, and diligence.


You can choose Rat bullshit and eat your way into listlessness, low level depression, weak libido, confusion, and lethargy.

I know because I’ve done both. But, please, don’t take my word for it! Give this broth recipe a try and see for yourself.


Here’s what you’ll need to make a strong batch of broth:


  • Slow cooker

  • Oven

  • Large glass baking dish

  • Large strainer

  • Container for storage


(all organic pastured/GF)

* The list below is my preferred combination. But you could mix and match any way you like dependent on your preference and what’s available to you. For example, you could just use 8 marrow bones, or 4 chicken backs, or 1 whole scrapped chicken carcass, or 10 ox tails, or a pound of stew meat. You can use turkey, bison, lamb, elk, venison, or moose bones - whatever ya got! Experiment and be creative.

  • 4 beef marrow bones

  • 2 ox tails

  • 3 chicken feet

  • 1 chicken back

  • 3 chicken necks

  • ½ Stick butter

  • Salt to taste

  • 5 tbsps apple cider vinegar

  • 1 large yellow onion**

** I used to spend money on carrots, leeks, green onions, and a whole bunch of other vegetables - but honestly, I find the broth tastes the exact same whether you use all those veggies or just one onion.


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees

  2. In large glass dish combine and liberally salt marrow bones, ox tails, chicken feet, necks, and back

  3. Place in oven for 20-30 mins

  4. roasting is optional but makes for a much more flavorful broth

  5. Peel onion and cut in half

  6. In slow cooker place roasted meat, onion, butter, ACV, more salt to taste

  7. Fill slow cooker to top with high quality water

  8. Seal slow cooker, set on LOW, allow for a 15-20 hour simmer

  9. Allow to cool. Pour contents from slow cooker through strainer into storage container

  10. Discard onion, chicken backs, necks and feet.

  11. Trim ox tail and beef bones of delicious marrow and fatty meat

  12. I prefer to clean and discard the bones, chop and set the meat aside for a separate meal, but you could add the chopped meat back to your broth. Because I often drink my broth in the early morning or late evening, I don’t like meat in it.

  13. Store in the fridge for up to 10 days or freeze

  14. After a few hours in the fridge, you’ll find a thick layer of golden white fat coagulates and forms a shell on the surface of the broth. You can break this shell into smaller pieces, leaving them in the broth and portioning a few of them into each serving – or – you can skim and remove the entire top layer of fat and store it in a separate container to be used for cooking eggs, sautéing vegetables, etc.

  15. Fill the hollowed horn of a slaughtered ram with warm homemade broth

  16. Sit under a tree, or next to fire, or in the middle of a moonlit room, wearing little if any clothing

  17. Offer thanks and praise to the Gods. Drink your broth.

  18. Honor your bloodline by affirming a resolute commitment to evoke the maximum potential of this masculine human birth by henceforth walking the Brick Road and eradicating all Rat bullshit.

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