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Imagine the lion you saw at the zoo when you were a kid. Sure, he was an impressive sight to behold, but looking back you can tell something was off. The poor lion at the zoo was forced to live a lifestyle that conflicted with his biology. Lions are not built for zoos.

Fed at regular intervals with no need to hunt, restricted to a cage with no room to run wild, pumped full of drugs that disrupt his body’s chemistry, the poor king of the jungle packed on some extra pounds and slept a lot. The female lions in his pen didn’t excite him. Untested by hunger, or a rival, or a hunt, a subtle flaccid malaise pervaded his presence.

The poor lion is forced to live in the zoo. Modern man does the same thing to himself, living a lifestyle that is in direct conflict with his biology.

You ever feel like a lion at the zoo?

When we allow our health to deteriorate, the intelligence of the body preserves energy and eliminates the non-essential. Sex hormones, like testosterone, are not necessary for survival; so they are first on the chopping block.

We are descendants of survivors. Like the wild lion, we were once hunters. True, we have adapted biologically a little since our primitive ancestors came down from the trees to stalk the plains; but evolution is a very slow process. Though our diet and lifestyle has changed dramatically, our genetic makeup is still very similar to what it was 10,000 years ago.

This discrepancy between our ancient biology and our modern lifestyle is the cause of all manner of maladies, for example: LOW TESTOSTERONE.

Consider that the human diet has changed more in the last 100 years than in the previous 10,000. The abundance of chemicals, preservatives, herbicides, pesticides, additives, antibiotics, and sugar in modern man’s diet are wreaking havoc upon our cellular function, organ systems, and sexual vitality.

With regard to modern lifestyle, the prevalence of the sedentary desk-jockey 9-5 and the constant exposure to technology and artificial light are driving our body’s hormone production and internal chemistry further and further from optimal.

Watch this video to understand the 4 primary areas you’ll need to focus on in order to naturally optimize your testosterone levels.

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