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Aristotle said that money is the equipment of gentlemanliness.

He was right.

Without money, your capacity for partnership, social impact, friendship, health, and education are limited.

If your wife loves chocolate, you need money to buy it.

If you care about cancer research, you need money to fund it.

If you want to study martial arts seriously, you need money to hire a teacher.

A good man is a free man, and a free man is a man capable of generosity. Without money, you can't express the totality of your good intentions.

There are plenty of online guides for how to start a business or negotiate a raise. 

But beneath all those tips and tricks, there are a few principles that are incredibly helpful to remember, and challenging mainly because of their almost blinding simplicity.


Where does money come from?

Other people.

Either individual people, or groups of people we call “companies.”

How do you move money from other people's bank accounts to yours?

You propose that they move money from their bank accounts to yours.

Without a proposal of money transfer, direct or indirect, money doesn't move.

If you want $100,000 dollars transferred to your bank account today, what's necessary is:

-You propose that someone transfers $100,000 into your bank account

-They say yes.

That’s it.

The best way to persuade someone to say “yes” to your proposal to give you money is usually to offer something that they want in return.

Services, products, brokered introductions, future financial returns… whatever it is they happen to want.

Now, if you offer something in return that you don’t actually want to give—not only will you be selling your soul, you’ll also be much less likely to receive a “yes,” because people can sense the lack of coherence between speech and spirit, and they’re more likely to give money to a man of palpable integrity.

Your entire task for receiving more money, then, can be distilled down to these four steps:

1. Decide how much you want to receive

2. Decide what you want to give in return

3. Propose to someone the exchange of #1 for #2

4. Repeat until you receive a “yes.”

Holding this kind of simplicity in mind is necessary to cut through all the layers of calcified myth that the practice of financial exchange has accrued throughout our lives.

Watch the video above to learn more details of how to move through this process, both internally and externally, to level up your current income with integrity.

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