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Updated: Jun 28, 2021

The mark of the Revolutionary is the fire inside his heart.

In the embryonic stage of his radical development, he yearns only to fight. The state of things, his own search for truth, his lack of Self-understanding, these all combine to create a perfect storm of anger in his developing warrior heart.

Initially, it is this anger that fuels the young revolutionary’s rebellion. His anger is projected upon the external power structures he feels have taken his autonomy and the autonomy of many. The fire in his angry heart burns brighter and brighter.

Inevitably, he learns the lesson that all who use anger to fuel their rebellion must learn: he learns he has burned himself in his own flame.

The fire inside his heart ultimately wounds him. He realizes the truth in what a wise man once said: anger is like picking up a hot stone and expecting someone else to be burned.

He is lost.

Gradually, he begins to understand that he can change nothing outside himself. He sees that an outward revolution can never succeed if the revolutionary himself is not of full heart and clear mind.

The painful truth emerges: all along his war has been, and will always be, inside his own heart.

Finally, he  begins to understand. He turns his revolution inward.

He comes to see that the true Revolutionary is a warrior of the heart. He must be. For it is only the rhythm and flow of his own heart that are under his power to change. He sees that the circumstances of his external world can only be transformed through the inner path.

He will fight no longer. The fight inside of him has been revealed for what it is in truth – an internal battle between imaginary enemies.

Coming home to the stillness, the young warrior is at last empty enough to hear the force of love calling to him, as it has always been. He is hesitant to accept the invitation. He is afraid to let go the anger, it has been a useful shield. But he is beginning to understand that love is the most powerful force in the cosmos. Even this young warrior, in all his stoic discipline, cannot resist the call.

He surrenders. He softens. He aligns. He sees.

The mature Revolutionary lays down his anger and uses the force of love to win hearts and change minds. The true Revolutionary’s rebellion is fueled by his fullness of heart, by his commitment to living as love and seeking the truth of things. This is the only Way.

In a sick society, the revolutionary fights to be well.

He rebels by exercising his muscles, choosing natural sustenance from Mother Earth, sitting in contemplation; humbly he seeks his place in the vastness of life and gives thanks.

In an angry society, the revolutionary fights for love.

He rebels by relaxing the tension around his heart, and embracing love of Self, love of nature, love of woman, love of enemy, love all beings.

In a disconnected society, the revolutionary fights for presence.

He rebels by being silent when others yell, by finding the stillness beneath his chattering mind, by offering refuge to wounded travelers.

In a distracted society, the revolutionary fights for concentration.

He rebels by training his mind to be so one pointed that distraction dissolves. The full force of his energy is aligned with his will.

In a materialistic society, the revolutionary fights to live simply.

He rebels by valuing time, connection, and his breath. He values the breeze, the sun, the moon. He claims a wealth not seen in the advertisements.

In gratitude, the mature revolutionary looks back and recognizes his anger was a doorway to propel his heart’s awakening. At last he recognizes it is this present moment that is the battle ground his warrior spirit has always been seeking. He relaxes his stoic discipline. He lays down his shield. He aligns with the natural order.

When the fire of anger dies and gives way to the fire of love, the sky blazes.

There still burns the fire of love inside your fearful angry heart. The dim embers still glow. Turn your revolution inward. Stoke the flame. Let it become a blaze. Lose control. Let the love in your heart burn the house down.

The revolution is now.

It is time to rebel. It is time to fight.

It is time to lay down your shield and face the battle you’ve been waiting for.


The fate of all you can see depends entirely upon you.

The world needs you... now more than ever.

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